mom taking notes - new
Student’s mom taking notes on Assignment Page.

writing notes on assignment page
Student writing notes on Assignment Page.

Mom taking notes in background -Waverly2
Mom in next room writing notes.

Doghouse piano keys
Doghouse and Garage.

Troy playing violin
Assignment Page on music stand during lesson.

small boy playing violin
Checking the Finger Chart!

Group Lesson2
Group Lesson

Dad with celloJohn at train station
My dad… my inspiration!

Mom L on keyboard
My mom… my first teacher…
and still encouraging!

Sujoy and Gamba
Tuning my Gamba

Michi's 1st violin
My daughter’s 1st violin!

Mom T on cello
Mom T’s first lesson at age 89!

Sujoy and Richard
Sujoy and Richard! Best team ever

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