One full year of my assignment pages are
included in my comprehensive String Assignment Notebook and in my
Music Assignment Notebook: Assignment Pages and Practice Record Grids.
One full-size page per week.

There are spaces to write date of current lesson and next lesson; next performance date and solo; technique; theory; memory; sight reading; repertoire; performance; and things to remember for the next lesson.  There are two blank staff lines, and a helpful section for the teacher to maintain an updated payment record.

The teacher should fill in the top portion of the assignment page with lesson dates, notes home, next performance date and student’s solo. The monthly payment section is an optional tool to keep payments organized and up-to-date.

During the lesson for a younger student, it is suggested that the parent record the information in the middle section of the assignment page. This helps ensure that the young student has help at home in understanding how and what to practice during the time between lessons. For older students, the middle section will be filled in by either the teacher or the student.

The blank staff lines at the bottom of the assignment page can be used by the teacher, parent or student. Each lesson has different needs, so some weeks the staff lines will serve as notebook paper. Other weeks the staff lines will provide a valuable space for musical notation. When questions arise at home or at rehearsals, this is an ideal location for the student to write them down to ask their string teacher at their next lesson.