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My STRING ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK includes 52 pages of the weekly assignment page that I developed containing dedicated space for technique, theory, repertoire, performances, memorization and sight reading. You will also find 8 of my unique practice record grids, which students use to track their practice sessions. There are 11 full-size pages of blank manuscript paper, plus a unique page for recording student information; teacher and lesson information; and instrument, bow and string details. There are informative pages on instrument sizing and string selection; glossaries of tempo, dynamic, expressive markings, bowings and fingerings; a brief history of the Viol family; and a comprehensive list of composers represented in the Suzuki, ASTACAP and ABRSM literature that has never been seen outside this collection.

Resources in my String Assignment Notebook are consistent with repertoire and methods from the Suzuki Method, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the American String Teachers Association Certificate Advancement Program (ASTACAP). I am confident that you will find this String Assignment Notebook useful!

Student, Teacher, Lessons, Instrument, Bow, Strings Data Page
52 Full-size Weekly Assignment Pages
–  8 Unique Practice Record Grids
–  11 Full-size Pages of Blank Manuscript Paper
–  Practice Order Suggestion
–  Healthy Practice Habits
–  Instrument Care and Maintenance
–  Sujoy’s Instrument Sizing
–  String Selection E A D G C
–  Finding Your Strings on a Keyboard
–  Violin Finger Charts and Scales
–  Viola Finger Charts and Scales
–  Cello Finger Charts and Scales
–  Double Bass Finger Charts and Scales
–  Brief History of the Viol Family
–  Tempo, Dynamic and Expressive Markings
–  Bowing, Fingering and Instrument Markings
–  String Symbols Illustrated and Explained
–  Sujoy’s Composer List (Suzuki, ASTACAP and ABRSM)
Scrapbook Ready…
–  My Performances
–  My Memorized Pieces
–  My Favorite Pieces
–  My Scales and Arpeggios
–  Concerts I Attended
–  My Funniest Musical Moment