is to  encourage, develop and increase a student’s creativity and music ability through organization and creative spaces. 


Let Music become your Lifetime Affair!

Experience what music has to offer your life through Music lessons, Recitals, Spring Jam, Mardi Gras,  Colors of Music; a multi-language music coloring book (English, Spanish,  French and Japanese) and the String & Piano Planner;  connecting parents, student, and teacher all in one book with weekly lessons assignments, music dictionaries, insurance record-keeping, string purchase records,  practice records, concert schedules and more!


Don't Skip Lessons - SKYPE

Skype lessons provide the perfect  opportunity for students keep momentum and progress of routine  lessons. In case of  Illness, transportation not available or one of us is out of town, SKYPE lessons will keep the  lessons flowing and going. Contact Sujoy directly for details on how to  get the best out of a SKYPE lesson; where to sit in relationship to the  camera and microphone, how to have music ready for both the teacher and  student prior to start of lesson, payment options for Skype lessons  etc.                               

encouraging, developing, CREATING


Music Instruction

Personalized music instruction matching your lessons with your ability to learn.

Music Lesson Planner

Organizes and creates a living document for you to track, measure and enjoy your progress!  (click here) 

Colors Of Music

A Coloring Book that helps bring-out creativity.  (click here)

Spring Jam Weekend

An exciting get away to Prescott AZ filled with music, friends and fun. Reserve your spot early!  (click here)

Music Matters

Music articles to expand your learning.  (click here)

Mardi Gras Party

Annual Celebration & Fund Raiser 

Not to be missed!  (click here)